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Fellowes is a global manufacturer and marketer of business machines, records storage and office accessories. All our products are designed and developed to enhance the quality, efficiency and productivity of the workplace.

Core Brands

We provide an array of brands and products that meet rigorous standards for quality and innovation at the office, at home, and on the move.

Fellowes®-Powershred® Business Machines, Productivity and Organisation Accessories R-Kive® by Bankers Box®-Records storage products and solutions
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Our innovation grows from a set of four core values that drives the success of our brands. The spirit of our values spans across our company, inspiring the ingenuity and commitment to quality that is Fellowes.

  • Integrity - We nurture a culture that delivers on promises, does what is right, and is honest with itself.
  • Teamwork - Joined through mutual respect, trust and support, we count on each other as we work together
                to achieve the company's purpose.
  • Passion - We are driven to win, and determined to be the best in what matters most to our consumers, our
                customers and our people.
  • Initiative - Our people are encouraged to seize opportunities to improve performance and value in the
Sharing Our Values

As a global company, we understand that these core values must touch all of our employees around the world, embrace important causes, and address global environmental issues.

Fellowes honours employees through the Fellowes Forward Awards, presented to teams that best exemplify our values and act on our key strategies.

At Fellowes we are committed to growing and managing our business in an environmentally-responsible manner. Our aim is to exceed industry standards for green initiatives through the development of environmentally-friendly innovations and improvements to our processes which will result in reduced wastage, reduced energy consumption and minimal impact on the environment. Visit Fellowes and the environment for more information

Fellowes strives to be environmentally conscious through packaging development and use of resources. Below are just some examples of our focus, commitment and recognition.


We use less materials and upgrade to environmentally friendly materials for packaging:

  • We are eliminating polystyrene foam in Fellowes business machines
               packaging where feasible
  • We are upgrading product/packaging inks from solvent-based to
               soy/water-based inks
  • Our packaging tubs for cleaning wipes are reusable/refillable and all
               our cleaning wipes are 100% biodegradable

We minimize energy use whenever possible:

  • Fellowes corporate headquarters continuously upgrades standard light
               bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs
  • Reduced fuel consumption through optimization of distribution activities
  • Reduced fuel consumption through optimization of distribution activities

We use recycled/recyclable materials whenever possible:

  • All of our R-Kive by Bankers Box document management products are
               made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials and use
               water based inks
  • Our R-Kive Earth Series, launched in 2010 was the first range of
               document management products available to carry the FSC 100%
               recycled accreditation. Today we have expanded our FSC 100% recycled
               offering to include our full R-Kive Transit range and selection of our R-
               Kive Premium products
  • In addition to the filing and storage products, in 2011 Fellowes launched
               a range of binding covers made from FSC certified mixes sources
  • We are continually improving and increasing the content of recycled
               materials in our products where possible including our monitor risers
               and mouse pads – our range now includes 3 monitor risers made from
               100% recycled plastic, our Earth range of desk accessories is made
               from 100% recycled materials and our Earth mouse pads are made
               from 95% recycled content

We use fewer resources during manufacturing and distribution:

  • Fellowes shredders are designed and manufactured to meet Reduction
               of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic
               Equipment (WEEE) standards

Both plant and office employees are encouraged to recycle:

  • Fellowes collects 25,000 kilos of scrap corrugate daily for recycling
  • Roughly 3000 kilos of computer equipment is recycled each year
Innovation in File Storage

Found in 1917, Fellowes began its history in file storage systems. Harry L. Fellowes bought a fledgling box business from an acquaintance, Walter Nickel, who was called up during World War I. Purchased for just $50.00, the company manufactured and sold a corrugated filing box designed for bank records. With a newly passed amendment instituting a federal income tax, records retention became a necessity. The timing was excellent for a strong and affordable source for records keeping.

Soon after the war, Walter Nickel rejoined Harry. In a patriotic tribute, they named their product the Liberty Box which soon became popular with a variety of businesses. As the product lines expanded to meet the demands of office environments over the next 60 years, the boxes turned into entire systems of efficient records management. The famous Bankers Box became the trademark file storage system across the American business landscape.

Envisioning the Computer Workspace

The Information Age spurred a new period of growth for Fellowes®. In the hands of John Fellowes, and later his sons, James and Peter, the company continued its tradition of innovation. By envisioning the computer as the center of individual workstations in the early 80's, Fellowes created an entire range of products for the office workstation that helped people manage increasing amounts of information. As technology moved into mobile devices like laptop computers, cell phones and PDAs, Fellowes developed innovative products to facilitate their use.

In 1982, Fellowes entered into a licensing agreement with a German company to distribute commercial shredders in the United States. Based on the outstanding success of this venture, Fellowes designed and manufactured its own product, introducing the first line of personal shredders in 1990. No one could have predicted the response to this new product, and almost overnight the company had a strong consumer product that complemented its established commercial business.

Solutions to Identity Theft

As identity theft became a serious threat to consumers and businesses alike, much of the focus shifted to electronic media to defend against identity crimes. Fellowes, however, had the vision to see that the effective disposal of sensitive documents was crucial to identity protection. By 2010 there were over 4.5 million victims of identity fraud. Fellowes continued to develop improved and more efficient shredder technology, streamlining performance, effectiveness and durability well into the next millennium.

Innovating New Workplace Solutions

Today, the workplace has blended into everyday life. Shifting seamlessly from office, to home to hand-held technology, is the future. With this vision, Fellowes continues to develop new innovations and improvements to current products to create exciting new solutions for our ever-changing workspace.

Currently under the leadership of James Fellowes, the Fellowes® executive team represents a diverse range of skills and experience. The executive team benefits from having several tenured members who have made significant contributions over the years as well as newer members who bring fresh perspectives to the company. Additionally, the Fellowes family has been actively engaged in running the business since 1917.

Leadership Bios
James Fellowes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Upon becoming President in 1983, Jamie represented the third generation to lead the family business. As CEO, he is actively involved in all aspects of the Fellowes business. His tenure has produced a remarkable record of growth through increasingly challenging times. In a dynamic industry, he has managed to reinvent the company on several occasions in order to ensure prosperity in changing environments. Today, he is driving another transformation - of building the company's capabilities and operations on a global scale.

Since joining the company in 1969, Jamie has worked in virtually all areas of the firm. After working in various part-time positions during his college years, he started as Advertising Manager in 1969. He went on to become Vice President of Sales in 1973, Executive Vice President in 1979, President/COO in 1983, and finally Chairman/CEO in 1997.

Jamie's accomplishments extend beyond the business. In 1997, Ernst & Young recognized him as "Master Entrepreneur of the Year." In recognition of leadership within and beyond the business community, he also received the "Torch of Liberty" award from the Anti-Defamation League in 1994 and the "Spirit of Life" award from the City of Hope in 1997.

Jamie's educational background includes Denison University and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

John E. Fellowes, II, Vice President & General Manager, Business Machines

Since the founding of Fellowes, Inc. in 1917, John Fellowes II is the fourth generation to play a key leadership role in the family business. Through his experience developing and promoting the Business Machines product line, John has built a solid background in marketing strategy. His current focus involves providing leadership for the new Fellowes manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China, product development planning strategies and marketing launches for the Business Machines team, and streamlining the company’s innovation process.

After joining Fellowes, Inc. as a Trade Marketing Manager, John made significant contributions to the company through successful media campaigns and product launches. Prior accomplishments include:

  • 2003 – The first Fellowes Identity Theft Campaign for Shredders
  • 2004 – The ESPN Ultimate Press Pass Promotion
  • 2005 – Phase III Shredder Product Launch and Global Branding Campaign
  • 2006 – SafeSense™ Shredder Technology Launch
  • 2008 – 100% Jam Proof Shredder Launch and Media Campaign

In 2007, John was recognized for these contributions at the Chicago Innovation Awards and internally through winning five Fellowes Forward Awards. He also represented the company numerous times during interviews with NBC Weekend Web and Fox New Squawk Box. John went on to become Senior Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing, and finally, Vice President of Global Marketing.

John Fellowes holds a B.S. in Business Systems from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. He is married with three children and has given back to the community through volunteer work teaching Sunday school to pre-school children.

Mike Parker, Vice President of Global Sales

Mike Parker began his career at Fellowes in September, 2000 as a territory sales manager. After various assignments in National Accounts, Mike was promoted to North American Field Sales Manager in 2006. Through his dedicated efforts and successful selling initiatives, Mike became Director of Commercial Sales in 2007 before assuming his current role as Vice President, North American Sales. Mike’s primary focus will be in North America where Fellowes has worked to integrate its selling efforts into a cohesive force. As a global business attention will also be given to driving alignment and consistency in branding and selling priorities. Therefore, Mike will carry the responsibility of leading this synchronized effort.

Joseph Koch, President and Chief Operating Officer

With Fellowes since 1996, Joe oversees operations, finance, information systems, legal, human resources and administrative functions worldwide. In his tenure, he has presided over the company's most prosperous financial period. His disciplined approach has enabled the successful completion of multiple acquisitions and expansion into eight new countries. While investing extensively in key initiatives and systems across the business, he has ensured that the company is in a strong financial position. He was recognized for excellence by the Economist and CFO Magazines as a finalist in the CFO awards competition in the category of "deal making and integration." Joe is also a Director on the Fellowes Board.

Prior to joining Fellowes, Joe held the position of Senior Vice President at Bank of America N.A. and Bank of America Securities where for more than 19 years he enjoyed a diverse and successful career.

Joe received a B.S. degree in economics from Miami University and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

James Lewis, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jim oversees all supply chain management efforts globally. He has successfully led the company through three different types of manufacturing environments - from a regional manufacturing structure with multiple U.S. facilities to centralized domestic production to the current global manufacturing and partnering structure. During the changes, Jim ensured high quality and favorable cost structures. As the champion for the company's total quality initiative, "Advantage Fellowes," Jim oversees the continuous improvement of the company's methods and ensures strong service for our customers.

Jim began his Fellowes career in 1986 as a Manufacturing Plant Manager. He has moved across a range of positions at Fellowes including Director of Manufacturing Operations, Vice President of European Operations, Vice President/General Manager of Records Storage and Vice President/General Manager Presentation Products. Prior to assuming his current role, he served as Vice President/General Manager of Business Machines.

Jim attended New Jersey State College and received his B.S. degree in Criminal Justice.

Andrea Davis, President of Fellowes Europe

Andrea was appointed President of our European business in July 2006. Since joining Fellowes Europe as CFO in 2003, she has worked alongside Peter Fellowes in his tenure as European President to drive focus, simplification and improved profitability into European operations. During this period, she has delivered strong growth in business machines, overseen award winning marketing initiatives recognized by both customers and industry organizations and expanded the sales network through acquisitions. She is also responsible for sales activities into the exciting growth markets of Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

Prior to joining Fellowes, Andrea was CFO for Willett International and Head of Corporate Strategy for BAA. In her earlier career, Andrea had various roles at Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse.

Andrea received a B.S. in Electronics from Loughborough University and an MBA from London Business School.

Lyn Bulman, Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources

Having joined the firm in 2002, Lyn brings a progressive and energetic approach to her global responsibilities. In a company that values its employees as highly as Fellowes does, her role has special importance. Lyn has driven significant advancements in the company's approach to human resources. Her leadership has provided positive change in benefits, talent recruitment, compensation and career development. She also brings a unique global perspective that is highly valued as the firm continues to expand its global operations.

Lyn came to Fellowes from Galileo International where she was Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Relations. Over an 11-year career, Lyn held several HR roles in Europe and the United States.

Lyn holds a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Leeds University in the United Kingdom, as well as professional certifications from the U.K. Institute of Personnel and Development and the U.S. Society of Human Resource Management